1win Uganda Privacy Policy

At 1win Uganda bookmaker, privacy is of the utmost importance. The Company strictly adheres to all relevant laws and regulations on the protection of personal data in force throughout the country.

What information does 1win Uganda collect?

In accordance with the Privacy Policy, 1win Uganda may collect the following data about users:

  1. IP address;
  2. Information about the session;
  3. Cookies;
  4. Information about the browser and operating system;
  5. Location data (with user consent);
  6. Information about activity on the site, including interaction with various functions and services of 1win Uganda.

This data is used to improve the site, personalize content and advertising, and ensure the security of customer accounts. The company does not transfer personal information of users to third parties, except as required by law or at the request of law enforcement agencies.

Data collection methods

1win Uganda uses various methods to obtain user information, including:

  1. Account registration — when creating an account, the client indicates his name, date of birth, email, phone number;
  2. Cookies — they are used to collect information about user activity on the site, devices from which access is made, and the use of various functions;
  3. Analytics and tracking systems (for example, Google Analytics) — to obtain statistics on traffic, player behavior and other metrics;
  4. Customer Feedback — 1win Uganda may solicit player feedback through surveys to gather additional information about their experience;
  5. Social media monitoring — the company can track player activity on its pages on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to assess the popularity of games and user engagement.

The bookmaker provides its clients with electronic services in the field of sports betting and online casinos. Protecting user data is a company priority, so privacy issues are taken very seriously here.

To ensure uninterrupted operation of the website and provide high-quality customer support, the company cooperates with various electronic service providers. These providers may have access to user data, but only to the extent necessary to provide their products and services.

The 1win Uganda user agreement for the use of data by electronic service providers means that the client authorizes the company to transfer his/her information to suppliers cooperating with the office in order to receive quality service on the site. The user can withdraw his consent by contacting support.

Consent to security checks

The company adheres to high security standards, so it asks its customers to consent to checks upon registration.

By agreeing to security checks, the user authorizes 1win Uganda to request the necessary information to verify personal data. This includes confirming the client’s identity, place of residence and source of income. This may require you to provide identification documents and proof of address.

The verification process itself takes some time, but this once again proves the bookmaker’s serious attitude towards the safety of each user. After successfully passing the checks, the client can be confident in the reliable protection of his data and funds when playing on the site.

How 1win Uganda protects your information

The company takes full responsibility to protect the personal data of its customers. All information received from users is stored on secure servers using modern encryption methods. In addition, the company strictly complies with Ugandan data privacy laws.

To prevent unauthorized access to users’ personal information, it applies various security measures. For example, a reliable authentication and identification system allows only the client to gain access to the account. The company also uses protection against hacking and hacker attacks.

The security service does not allow the transfer, sale, exchange or any other disclosure of user personal data to third parties.

Clients can also take their own measures to protect their information, for example, use complex passwords, not save them on devices, not tell anyone their account login and password, etc.

1win Uganda can use the collected data about users to improve customer experience, optimize site performance, and attract new players. For example, by analyzing user behavior (on which pages they stay longer, which events generate the most interest), you can refine the interface, add interesting features and offers, and improve the quality of service.

Information about trends and patterns in the gambling services market can also be used to analyze the competitive environment, pricing and develop marketing strategies.

The Company may disclose users’ personal information if required to do so by law or if the Company deems such action necessary to:

  1. Comply with legal action brought against 1win Uganda, or if the company has similar legal obligations;
  2. Protecting your rights or assets;
  3. Ensuring the personal safety of users. For the purposes of addiction prevention research, 1win Uganda may share anonymized data with relevant organizations.

1win Uganda is not responsible for events outside its direct control. Given the complexity and variability of technology and business processes, the company cannot guarantee absolute protection of user privacy and is not liable for any consequential damages arising from the use or disclosure of personal information.

1win Uganda uses information collected from users to provide its services, customer support, security, identity verification, online transactions, partner promotions, business requirements and other purposes.

Minors are prohibited from using the services of the office. To determine the real age of customers, some personal information is requested during registration.

Personal information collected by 1win Uganda may be stored and processed in countries where the company or its partners, suppliers, agents have the appropriate infrastructure. By using the company’s products, the client agrees to the cross-border transfer of his data.

The company also stores cookies on users’ devices — small text files with data about settings and preferences that are recorded when visiting certain pages of the site. Flash cookies, which are similar in functionality, may also be used. These files are used to track the use of company services, but cannot be used to access other data on customer devices.

By using the services of 1win Uganda, the client automatically agrees to the provisions of the Privacy Policy. This document should be read in conjunction with the Website Terms of Use and other applicable company rules and policies published on the 1win Uganda platform.

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