1win Uganda Bookmaker Terms and Conditions

Before using the 1win bookmaker in Uganda service, players must agree to the bookmaker’s general terms and conditions.

Types of bets at 1win Uganda

1win Uganda offers its customers two main types of bets:

  1. A single bet is a bet on one specific outcome of an event. The winnings for such a bet are calculated by multiplying the bet amount by the odds;
  2. An express bet is a combined bet on several independent outcomes of different events. Winning on an express bet is determined by multiplying the bet amount by the product of the odds of all outcomes included in the express bet.

Customers can place bets on main and secondary outcomes during the match. Single live bets can be combined into express bets. Please note that once a bet has been accepted it cannot be changed or cancelled.

The Company is not responsible for any inaccuracies in the current results of matches available for Live betting. It is recommended to use alternative sources of information to verify the progress of the event.

Match results and their features

1win Uganda does not guarantee the complete accuracy of information regarding tournament names, dates and start times of matches. The information provided in the line and live is indicative only. Clients should independently verify details of sporting events from independent sources.

If a client made a bet on an event, the result of which he already knew, such a bet will be canceled after a special investigation by the office. All bet transactions are suspended during the investigation.

1win Uganda reserves the right to make any changes to the website without prior notice to customers.

Legal aspects

The Client should be aware that online gambling may be prohibited by the laws of some countries. 1win Uganda guarantees the legality of using the site in the client’s jurisdiction, but is not responsible for any violations of local laws.

By registering on the site, the client confirms that 1win Uganda’s services comply with the legal regulations of his country. The company does not seek to provide services that violate the laws of the user’s jurisdiction.

Account creation

To gain access to all the features of the 1win Uganda website, you need to open a gaming account. To do this, you need to quickly register in one click or specify your email, password and personal data (name, phone number, date of birth).

The company has the right to request documents from the client to confirm their identity. The Company may suspend or block the account until the requested information is provided.

When registering, the user undertakes to provide complete and accurate information about himself, as well as promptly make changes to his profile if necessary.

The client’s name during registration must match the name of the owner of the payment instruments used to replenish the balance and withdraw funds. At any time, the office can request documents from the user to confirm identity, addresses and bank statements.

The client authorizes the company to make the necessary requests and use personal data for verification by third parties.

Account Security

After creating an account, the client is obliged to keep the login information secret and not disclose it to third parties. If you lose your password, you can recover it using a special form on the website. If unauthorized access to an account is suspected, the client must provide the company with appropriate evidence.

By registering on the site, the client confirms that:

  1. The funds deposited into the gaming account were obtained legally;
  2. It will not refuse completed transactions or cancel payments that allow third parties to avoid liability;
  3. 1win Uganda does not accept payments from third parties (friends, relatives, partners). The client must use only personal means of payment registered in his name. Otherwise, winnings may be confiscated;
  4. When returning funds by bank transfer, all fees are paid by the recipient;
  5. The Client agrees not to cancel or terminate transactions on his account, and also to reimburse 1win Uganda for any losses associated with deposits.

Remember the terms and conditions of the bookmaker and then you will definitely be able to achieve your goals!

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